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Camera Grand Prix 2023 -outline-

The Camera Grand Prix is held every year by the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC, Japan, President Makoto Shibata), an association of technical editors from magazines and websites specializing in photography and cameras. The CJPC, established in September 1963, now has seven members from the media as of April 2023. The Selection Committee, organized under the CJPC’s Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee (Chairman Koji Nagahara), chooses the best products for the following four awards among those introduced on the Japanese market during the previous fiscal year from April 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023 for the Camera Grand Prix 2023.

The Camera Grand Prix "Camera of the Year" is awarded to the still camera recognized as the best of all marketed during the period. The "Lens of the Year" is given to the best lens launched on the market, while the "Readers Award" is determined by the general camera users’ votes on the CJPC website (the voting period this year was from February 23 through April 10, 2023). In addition, the CJPC members select the "Editors Award R&D Prize and Technology Prize" to cameras, lenses or other photography-related products, excluding the ones awarded the "Camera of the Year" and the "Lens of the Year", in consideration of the products' popularity, topicality, and innovativeness.

The Selection Committee is comprised of the CJPC members, chief editors (or representatives) of the CJPC member publications, external members entrusted by the Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee, and other special members such as academic experts, technical writers, professional photographers, and representatives from photo-related organizations, in addition to the TIPA (the Technical Image Press Association), an association of photo- and image-related magazines, which now have organizations and photo journalist clubs from the countries mainly in Europe. In total, 47 people were involved in the selection process this year. The reasons for choices stated here were composed by the Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee, based on the Selection Committee members’ opinions.
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Camera of the Year
Sony α 7R V

Reasons for choice
The latest generation of the "R" series, which enables high-definition shooting even among Sony's α7 series, adopts a class-leading effective 61 million-pixel CMOS sensor. It has received praise for significantly improving basic performance, such as autofocus performance and color reproduction, through the newly introduced "AI processing unit" and enhancing the image stabilization mechanism, making it easier to demonstrate the potential of a high-resolution camera in a wide range of shooting scenes. Additionally, comments have been received that the adoption of a 4-axis multi-angle LCD monitor that supports both tilt and vari-angle on the back of the camera has presented a new standard that meets the requirements of both still images and videos.

Lens of the Year

Reasons for choice
This is the macro lens with the longest focal length among the Micro Four Thirds standards. It achieves a maximum shooting magnification of 2x (equivalent to 4x on 35mm format) and can also be used with a teleconverter. It has been highly praised for its advanced features, including "up to 7 stops of image stabilization" and "depth composite shooting," on compatible camera bodies. The rare "180mm" (35mm format equivalent) angle of view is easy to maintain a working distance, and it isalso effective for capturing distant scenery in landscape photography. This lens has further expanded the shooting scenes of the Micro Four Thirds system, which is known for its compact and lightweight design."

Readers Award
Panasonic LUMIX S5II

Reasons for choice
The followings are some reasons of choice from the readers excerpted and edited by the Camera Grand Prix 2023 Executive Committee.

-LUMIX finally has a phase-detection AF, and it is amazing.
-I felt like everything was in place.
-The advanced video capabilities are unmatched.
-The addition of phase-detection AF, which was a popular request, and the inclusion of a subtle cooling fan, make it a high-quality but it is a little understated camera.
-The lowest price point in the middle-class, which is disruptive.
-It has gained a lot of attention as a high-spec, cost-effective, and easy-to-buy full-frame mirrorless camera.
-I think it is currently the best camera with a balance in size, performance, and price.
-Improvement in AF from the previous model.
-A good balance of lightweight, highimage quality, and no overheating.
-It has real-time LUT support.
-The performance exceeded expectations!
-I was surprised by the improvement in focus speed. The price was also affordable, so I immediately pre-ordered it!
-Because it is a challenge and a commemorative camera with the first phase-detection AF that is easily accessible to consumers. I already used it, and I feel like the soul of the engineers and salespeople is really poured into it, beyond its price tag.
-The evolution of AF and image stabilization. I am also looking forward to the movie recording formats available in the LUMIX S5IIX.
-With real-time LUT, the range of expression has further expanded.
-We are pursuing the enjoyment of shooting with features such as real-time LUT(lookup table) and excellent image quality.
-With particularly high cost performance and necessary and sufficient functions including image quality, it has provided the joy of a full-frame 35mm digital camera to many people.
-Amid the growing demand for video needs, the innovative idea of storing the heat radiation mechanism in the camera top has achieved both compactness and heat resistance, which is remarkable. I think the camera has had an impact on camera design beyond overall specs.
-A variety of functions are packed into a compact body with excellent image quality. It is the most well-balanced masterpiece.
-I felt a new challenge from LUMIX, such as phase-detection autofocus on the image plane.

Editors Award R&D Prize
Leica M6

Reasons for choice
A remake of the rangefinder camera that has been popular in the second-hand market since its debut in 1984. In today's harsh environment for silver halide photography due to the high cost of film and printing paper, the re-release ofthe iconic film camera "Leica M6" has become a big topic and encouraged film camera enthusiasts.

Editors Award R&D Prize
Canon EOS R50

Reasons for choice
The most affordable entry-level model added to the EOS R series. Its high AF performance that rivals higher-end models and numerous auto functions added for beginners are praised. Although it was not possible to continue the naming convention of the "EOS Kiss" series that lasted for 30 years, the tradition and know-how have certainly been passed down.

Editors Award R&D Prize
Prograde Digital CFexpress Type B GOLD 512GB

Reasons for choice
The company that has been promoting the adoption and popularization of CFexpress Type B in the high-end "COBALT" series has achieved lower prices while maintaining high performance such as sustained write speeds. This is appreciated for further lowering the barrier for general users to introduce CFexpress cards.

Editors Award Technology Prize

Reasons for choice
The noise reduction function that was equipped in the company's photo editing software "PhotoLab" was made into a standalone software with an impactful message of "high-quality conversion of RAW data". It created an opportunity for more advanced RAW editing to be recognized and paid attention to, while being very simple and clear to operate, and taking advantage of the high processing power of a PC.

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