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Camera Grand Prix 2022 -outline-

The Camera Grand Prix is held every year by the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC, Japan, President Makoto Shibata), an association of technical editors from magazines and websites specializing in photography and cameras. The CJPC, established in September 1963, now has seven members from the media as of April 2022. The Selection Committee, organized under the CJPC’s Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee (Chairman Koji Nagahara), chooses the best products for the following four awards among those introduced on the Japanese market during the previous fiscal year from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022 for the Camera Grand Prix 2022.

The Camera Grand Prix "Camera of the Year" is awarded to the still camera recognized as the best of all marketed during the period. The "Lens of the Year" is given to the best lens launched on the market, while the "Readers Award" is determined by the general camera users’ votes on the CJPC website (the voting period this year was from February 22 through April 10, 2022). In addition, the CJPC members select the "Editors Choice R&D Award and Technology Award" to cameras, lenses or other photography-related products, excluding the ones awarded the "Camera of the Year" and the "Lens of the Year", in consideration of the products' popularity, topicality, and innovativeness.

The Selection Committee is comprised of the CJPC members, chief editors (or representatives) of the CJPC member publications, external members entrusted by the Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee, and other special members such as academic experts, technical writers, professional photographers, and representatives from photo- related organizations, in addition to the TIPA (the Technical Image Press Association), an association of photo- and image-related magazines, which now has 24 member organizations and photo journalist clubs from the countries mainly in Europe. In total, 46 people were involved in the selection process this year. The reasons for choices stated here were composed by the Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee, based on the Selection Committee members’ opinions.
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Camera of the Year
Nikon Z 9

Reasons for choice
The Nikon Z 9 employs an effective 45.71 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor and the EXPEED 7 image processor to give a frequently refreshing live view, the world's most various nine different subject detections, a distortion-suppressed electronic shutter to make itself the flagship of the Nikon Z line cameras. The omission of a mechanical shutter is highly evaluated as freeing from the shutter vibration and shutter durability problems.

Lens of the Year
Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM

Reasons for choice
The Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM is opinioned as a compact though fast mirrorless camera lens with its F1.2 speed as well as high resolving power and attractive out-of-focus images finally to match with camera dimensions. And the lens is also highly evaluated because it has a consistency of design in its fast autofocus speed as well as its ease of manual focus operation.

Readers Award
Nikon Z 9

Reasons for choice
The followings are some reasons of choice from the readers excerpted and edited by the Camera Grand Prix 2022 Executive Committee.

-It is the highest peak in the Nikon Z line cameras. Any subject may be photographed only with the Z 9.
-I think it is the most fantastic camera at present for its functions, dimensions and cost- to-performance characteristic that are well balanced on a high level.
-Distortion-free electronic shutter, easiest-to-view finder better than any other makes and the best cost-to-performance factor despite a flagship camera.
-It provides new standards of flagship cameras by its mechanical shutter omission. -The final technical goal of cameras made by mankind.
-It is highly evaluated as a challenging product such as full professional specifications as well as the omission of a mechanical shutter by a high speed sensor readout.
-I think it to be an epoch-making camera as it has no mechanical shutter, limit-free 4K movie recording capacity and even 8K/30p movie recording of more than two hours.
-It is innovative because it has a perfect black-out free finder and has no mechanical shutter in addition to its low retail price to be used as a second camera.
-It is the long-awaited Nikon flagship mirrorless camera. It gives me many surprises such as its functions, mechanical layouts, performances and low retail price.

Editors Choice R&D Award
Nikon Z fc

Reasons for choice
The Nikon Z fc is the merge of a Nikon film SLR style to attract the new young customers and the basic performance of the Nikon Z 50 mirrorless camera that is renowned for its high quality. It also introduces a new mode even in its catalogue to show its consistent research and development work to appeal to the new customers. Its popularity including one from the old film SLR users is also highly evaluated.

Editors Choice Technology Award
Canon EOS R3

Reasons for choice
The Canon EOS R3 features an "eye control autofocus" system that automatically moves its AF frame to the point only gazed by the photographer's eye is one and only function of Canon Inc. among all other digital cameras. In addition to stick and touch pad controllers, the camera can control the AF frame by the eye gaze. It is evaluated as a new category. When the EOS R3 was initially announced, the eye control AF is rendered as the revival of the same system used in Canon EOS film SLRs.

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