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Camera GP2012 outline
The Camera Grand Prix is held by the Camera Journal Press Club (C.J.P.C. / Japan), and operated by C.J.P.C.’s Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee. C.J.P.C. was established in September 1963, with the purpose of providing its readers with reliable and in-depth stories about the photography industry and photographic equipment. In 2010, C.J.P.C. formed a partnership with TIPA (The Technical Image Press Association), a group of 30 photo and film magazines from 14 countries mainly in Europe, confirming that both groups would collaborate on their awards for mutual development.

The Camera Grand Prix is, since its starting in 1984, considered one of the widely recognized camera awards and a symbolic tribute to the camera industry. For selection of “Camera of the Year,” the best still camera introduced on the Japanese market within the past year, and “Lens of the Year” a category which was established in 2011, a judging committee is involved, which comprises C.J.P.C. members, editorial directors (or publishers) of C.J.P.C. member publications, external committee members outsourced by the Camera Grand Prix executive committee including academic experts, technical writers, professional photographers. This year, a total of 57 individuals voted in the selection of the above awards of the Camera GP 2012. Further, “Readers Award” was selected by general readers’ votes, and “Editors Award” was selected from among all photography-related equipment, judged by C.J.P.C. members. As the above, at present four award categories are provided for the Camera Grand Prix.

Camera of The Year
The award went to the Nikon D800 (production company : Nikon Corporation).

Lens of The Year
The award went to the Canon EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM (production company : Canon Inc.) .

Readers Award
The Readers Award went to the Nikon D800 (production company : Nikon Corporation). The award was established in 2008, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Camera Grand Prix. The winner is selected by general readers' votes.

Editors Award
As the result of a conference of C.J.P.C. members, the Sony NEX-7 (production company : Sony Corporation) and the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8 (production company : Olympus Imaging Corp.) were selected for Editors Award.

About The Camera GP emblem
The Camera GP emblem is trademark (registration pending) of the C.J.PC (Camera Journalist Press Club of Japan). The use of the emblem is not permitted except for the purpose of creating news articles on the Camera Grand Prix. In that case, however, any alteration or partial use of the mark is not allowed.
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Camera GP2012 Camera of The Year
Nikon Corporation

Remarks upon selectio
The Nikon D800 is an interchangeable lens digital SLR camera with an effective 36.3 megapixel image sensor that offers the world’s highest resolution.* Its powerful image-processing engine “EXPEED 3” delivers high quality images and improved data processing which is faster than the previous one. The camera also features a number of functions including a 51-point AF system with improved focusing performance under low-light situations, a 100% optical viewfinder, a 3.2-inch super-sharp LCD monitor, and a dust and weather-proof construction which allows you to keep using the camera under harsh conditions.
*Among interchangeable lens digital SLR cameras employing a 35mm film size image sensor.

The Nikon D800, with its 36.3 megapixel sensor, enables you to shoot higher resolution images than ever before. It includes a number of advanced functions which deliver both high quality still and motion images. Although the model has a high-level performance and quality comparable to the brand’s flagship camera, it is offered to you at a lower price. Also, because of its robust body, you can use the camera without worrying about the shooting environment. As the result of a comprehensive evaluation, the Camera Grand Prix 2012 Camera of the Year went to the Nikon D800.

Camera GP2012 Lens of The Year
Canon Inc
EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM

Remarks upon selectio
The Canon EF8-15mm F4L Fisheye USM is a fisheye zoom lens which delivers 180° circular fisheye images and 180° diagonal fisheye effects when used on the full-frame 35mm format, and 180° diagonal angle of view when used on the APS-C/H format. The lens features a UD(ultra dispersion) lens and high-precision glass mold aspherical lens elements for high-definition images. The special coating “SWC” effectively reduces flare and ghost images and produces high-contrast pictures. A water and oil repellent fluorine coating is applied to the front and rearmost lens elements.

The Canon EF8-15mm F4L Fisheye USM is a zoom lens offering both circular and diagonal fisheye effects on one lens that you can enjoy the distinctive images provided by its fisheye image. Despite its 8 to 15mm focal lengths, the lens delivers high-definition images by using UD lens and high-precision glass mold aspherical lens elements to suppress chromatic aberration. The “SWC” coating reduces flare and ghost images. Its compact design makes the lens easier to carry and its dust and weather-proof design is adopted for difficult shooting conditions. As the result of a comprehensive evaluation, the Camera Grand Prix 2012 Lens of the Year went to the Canon EF8-15mm F4L Fisheye USM.

Camera GP2012 Readers Award
Nikon Corporation

Remarks upon selectio
The award was established in 2008, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Camera Grand Prix. The prize-winner is selected by the general public votes. This year, the Nikon D800 won the most of the votes. Regarding the reasons for this year’s selection, the following represents the voters’ comments:

♦ It is significant that the product features 36 megapixel CMOS sensor for 35mm format camera and it is offered at reasonable price that amateur photographers can afford to purchase. It has nice interfaces to PCs as it is compatible with UHS-I and USB 3.0 protocols, I think the model is the one which indicates the direction of DSLRs in the future. ( Age 62, Saitama Pref.)
♦ The camera boasts its amazing resolution. Excellent cost to performance characteristics. This is the one I want to purchase some time. (Age 50, Hiroshima Pref.)
♦ It is a sensational camera, with game-changing high-definition images comparable with high-end professional cameras, features in a popularly-priced model which suits for advanced amateur photographers. (,Age 41, Chiba Pref.)

Camera GP2012 Editors Award
Sony Corporation)

Remarks upon selectio
The Sony NEX-7 is a “mirrorless” interchangeable lens digital camera with an effective 24.3 megapixel “Exmor” APS HD CMOS sensor. Its small and lightweight body has a lot of functions including the “BIONZ” image processor, a high-resolution and high-contrast electronic viewfinder, a continuous shooting capacity up to 10fps, and a movable high-definition wide screen LCD monitor. As there have been a number of generations of Sony’s NEX series since its first model , the NEX-7 appears with highly advanced features. Though the camera has advanced functions and superior performance appropriate for a high-end model of the NEX series, it provides the fun of casual shooting for not only photo enthusiasts but also casual snapshooters with its compact and lightweight body. Further, it has an APS-C-sized high-resolution image sensor in a small body, an extensive camera system in which Sony A-mount lenses can also be used through using a camera mount adaptor, and the unity of design throughout the whole NEX series. In appreciation of the above benefits, Editors Award went to this product.

Camera GP2012 Editors Award
Olympus Imaging Corp.

Remarks upon selectio
The Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8 is a small, single focal-length lens that adapts to the Micro Four-Thirds System specifications. Its focal length of 45mm is equivalent to 90mm on a 35mm format cameras. This is a medium-telephoto single focal-length lens suitable for the family and portrait photography. Generally, the Micro Four-Thirds system lenses hardly offer a smaller out-of-focus images than larger image sensors such as 35mm and APS-C formats. However, the soft and beautiful out-of-focus images this lens delivers is superb. The MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) mechanism covering both still and motion image shootings offers high-speed, smooth, quiet and high-definition autofocus capability. The ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optical) coating applied on the lens surface is also a beneficial feature which delivers clear pictures with less ghost images and flare in the backlight situations. In appreciation of the lens with the above benefits available at a reasonable price, Editors Award went to this product.

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